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Laurel Library unnecessary. Some points to consider

From: domainremoved <Stephen>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2018 15:49:13 -0700

Dear City Council,

You should not support the new library on Laurel Street – A new library is nice to have, but not necessary.

I have lived in Menlo Park for 19 years and have raised 3 children here. We have used the existing library on Alma over the years. That library is provided everything we could hope for in a library – toddler programs, childrens’ library section, teen section, periodicals, AV resources, special programs, etc. We do NOT see why we need a new library. Having a shiny library just like our neighboring cities is nice to have, but not necessary.

The situation here with Arrillaga offering money, and Menlo Park’s response is very similar to the movie “Supersize Me.” As you know, if the film maker was offered a supersized meal, he ate it, whether he wanted it or not. Here, we have the same situation, Arrillaga offers some money to Menlo Park for a new library, Menlo Park appears to readily accept it, whether we need it or not. It’s nice to get a new library, but not necessary.

The City Council appears to believe this spending of money is easy while the economy is chugging along, but the City should be frugal as though we are in the middle of the 2008 recession again. The recession IS coming, and we should not commit to vanity projects such as the new library on Laurel. Here are some data points to consider:
1) The current economic expansion, from June 2009, is the second longest on record:
2) Many professionals agree that the next recession is around the corner:
A new library is nice, but not necessary.

Lastly, a justification I repeatedly see for a new library is the inclusion of public meeting rooms and public space. Who is asking for such space? I hear no great clamor for such spaces. Furthermore, there are many spaces already available for use, such as: the library meeting rooms, the community center rooms, the gyms, etc. If public space is such a necessity, we already have it, even without the new library. Again, the new library is nice, but not necessary.

I ask that you please consider the above points and stop the rush towards a new library on Laurel Street.
Stephen Pang
Menlo Park, CA

p.s. Thinking about it, a new library is not only not necessary, but actually detrimental to Menlo Park.

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