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Recommending Green Building Standards for all Municipal Projects including Libraries

From: domainremoved <Tom>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2018 23:13:44 -0700

Dear Mayor Ohtaki and Council Members,

As the City considers whether to rebuild the library, this is a good time to also consider the City’s green building policies. In keeping with the green building standards adopted several years ago for the Bayfront area, and continuing the City’s position on the leading edge of sustainability, I recommend a commitment to green building standards for all municipal buildings including 100% Renewable Energy or Zero Net Carbon.
It can start as simply and safely and cleanly as deciding on no gas line to any new municipal building. Space heating, water heating and cooking can now be provided in safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly ways with modern electric heat pumps and induction cooking. Nearby campuses are already demonstrating the energy thermal diversity benefits of circulating heat and cool in water loops between different buildings so one building’s waste heat can supply heating or hot water for another building having different needs or different operating hours. This way excess heat and excess coolness are not discarded to the atmosphere, they are put to beneficial use via heat pumps in the same or nearby buildings.

Sustainable libraries as thriving community centers serving youth, seniors, and all residents in both Belle Haven and downtown will serve as great leadership tools. Designing libraries to meet modern green standards will help cut costs and create model learning spaces for everyone to enjoy.

If a plan is considered for updating or replacing these libraries, please include from the start, the safety and environmental leadership opportunities of going gas-free.
Thank you for considering these comments.

Best Regards,

Tom Kabat
424 Pope Street, Menlo Park
Received on Mon May 21 2018 - 23:14:51 PDT

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