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new library? NOOOO!

From: domainremoved <McAuliffe>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2018 16:12:56 -0700

Dear Members of the MP CC

As a 48 year resident of Menlo Park, I have seen a lot of changes, some of which were improvements and some of which were not. I am a regular library user and I honestly see no need for “fixing what ain’t broke”. Our library is wonderful, but not over-used or crowded. It’s in a lovely setting, with the “creek” and duck pond to delight children to and from, as well as trees to sit under. Please DO NOT proceed with further plans to build something not wanted.

I’ve noticed John Arrillaga’s generosity everywhere. Evidently he insists on having every building labeled to commemorate his gift. But he does not give the whole thing. He’s like the World Bank. Every gift brings indebtedness. Some countries are getting wise and refusing such gifts. Menlo Park needs to wise up. Invite John to give a library to East Menlo and pay for the whole thing.! That would be a real gift. Then name it after someone who has real meaning on that east side.

Again. Listen to the citizens of Menlo Park. DO NOT “FIX” AN UNBROKEN LIBRARY! DON’T CAUSE AN UNWANTED DEBT TO THIS TOWN. You might end up in major unhappiness—-out of office.

I am not necessarily a nay-sayer for taxes for necessary improvements. I always vote yes for school bonds. But I vote NO on this project.

Margo McAuliffe

We are all here for two reasons only: to learn about love and to give our gifts. Angeles Arrien
Received on Sun May 20 2018 - 16:14:05 PDT

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