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New Guild Support

From: domainremoved <Noah>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2018 18:19:17 -0700

dsDear City Council,

Thanks for your effort on this issue and all issues regarding Menlo Park.
I'm sure the work is not easy!

Regarding the New Guild, I am a passionate supporter of this initiative. I
have felt that Menlo Park downtown hasn't offered the cultural options of
other nearby locations and that's a shame. Additionally, the evening
activities are so limited. The New Guild project can change all that, and
provide Menlo Park community with interesting entertainment (music, comedy,
arts) for a wide variety of tastes. At the same time, it creates the
flywheel effect for Menlo Park. A big new addition like the New Guild
attracts people, which attracts more restaurants, which attracts stores,
which create much needed tax revenue. The tax revenue will allow us to
invest in the infrastructure to support Menlo Park going forward and then
attracts additional focal activities.

I hope you'll move this project forward and allow the New Guild to open in
Menlo Park.

Noah Eisner

2161 Avy Ave, Menlo Park
Received on Thu May 17 2018 - 18:20:55 PDT

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