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Support for the New Guild project

From: domainremoved <Matt>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2018 21:28:22 -0700

Hello City Council!
I emailed you a few months ago, but am compelled to write again as I'd like
to emphasize my support for the New Guild project. The New Guild will bring
new vibrancy to downtown Menlo Park at a time when it is sorely needed. The
opportunity for the community to experience live music, performance,
theater and other arts is critical to the evolution of a town like Menlo
Park. We are in a time where more and more entertainment options are moving
into peoples homes and it will be venues like the New Guild that drive
people to engage with their community in downtown, taking advantage of all
the great things Menlo Park has to offer.

There is an incredible amount of pent up demand for such a place amongst
many of my friends and neighbors. The energy and business it will bring to
other local businesses will make downtown Menlo Park a place where
residents will want to go. They will look forward to going downtown. It
will be an exciting event to 'go to a show' down at the New Guild and
something people will talk about the next day at the local coffee shop
before going to work. Today my friends and I often seek out other nearby
towns like Palo Alto or Redwood City because Menlo Park is missing a key
and necessary component - a gathering place to celebrate the arts. I can
see only upside to approving this project and the New Guild coming to life
and the people behind the project have a great track record and will no
doubt be thoughtful in their approach.

I write you on behalf of many of my friends and neighbors who are also
incredibly excited about this becoming a reality. What better way to spend
a night with friends than to eat at a great local restaurant and see a
budding artist at the New Guild. What better way to expose my children to
the beauty of live music than to take them to our local music spot in Menlo
Park after having a fun dinner at a nearby restaurant. Live music has
always played an important part in my life, and still does to this day. But
it's increasingly difficult to go see it anywhere. We have the opportunity
to do something special here in Menlo Park and so I urge you to do whatever
you can to push this project through. The community will thank you for it
and benefit immensely over many years to come.

Matt Marenghi
Resident, Menlo Park
Received on Wed May 16 2018 - 21:29:31 PDT

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