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Oak Grove bike lane trial

From: domainremoved <Sylvia>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2018 22:03:56 -0700

To the city council:

Today on Bike to Work Day, I want to let you know how grateful I have been
for the Oak Grove / Downtown bike lane. I'll point out some of the changes
that have been particularly impactful for me:

(1) I love the paint that really makes it clear where my space is and
reminds me where to put myself to avoid getting doored.

(2) I like the bike boxes at the Laurel / Oak Grove intersection. Often
there is confusion with bikes and cars at intersections and the bike boxes
make it really clear who goes where. This makes everything and everybody
more predictable, visible, and thus safe.

(3) I'm seeing more kids biking in the bike lane instead of on sidewalks.
This is super -- it keeps the sidewalks safer for pedestrians. And with
those kids biking on the street, I am so glad there is paint on the ground
again to show everyone what space belongs to bikes and what space belongs
to cars.

(4) I don't know if this is Menlo Park or Atherton who deserves credit
here: the re-done intersection at Oak Grove and Middlefield is super. I
love that the cameras see me when I am biking down the bike lane and change
the light for me such that I can just keep biking through the intersection.

(5) I like the sign on Oak Grove that tells me where this bike route will
take me. There is space on the sign for even more directions, hopefully
soon to be part of a larger network. These signs make it safer and easier
for me to navigate on my bike and they serve as nice advertisement to
pedestrians and drivers about various options.

I filled out the survey about the bike lane. I heard it was only sent out
to people who live near the bike lane. I'm guessing that a lot of the folks
who benefit from the bike lane -- drivers and cyclists who find the road
now safer and more predictable -- don't live within that radius and might
have missed the survey. I'm hoping you have a chance to reach out to them.

Also: on that survey, there was a question about if I find it easier to
park my bike downtown since the bike lane was installed. Of course a bike
lane has nothing to do with bike parking and I would indeed love to see
more bike parking down town as well as other places around town. (For
example, there is no good place for me to park my bike when I go to
restaurants along El Camino or to the Guild.And no good place for my
friends to park their bikes when they visit me.) Folks who ride their bikes
love to shop local and bike parking and bike lanes are a big enablers for

Thank you again for the Oak Grove bike lane and I hope to see much more
paint on the ground in the near future.

Sylvia Smullin
Received on Thu May 10 2018 - 22:05:52 PDT

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