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Grade separation

From: domainremoved <Jonathan>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2018 18:03:10 -0700

Dear Council,

One of the things that makes Menlo Park great is its geography. In few
cities do you have a downtown shopping district, a regional train station,
park, pool, civic center and municipal services, all contiguous and all at
grade. The Downtown Specific Plan accounts for the importance of these
connections with a recommendation for improved pedestrian crossings at
Santa Cruz Ave & El Camino and at Ravenswood & Alma, the busiest in Menlo
Park with its 500+ pedestrian rush hour crossings per day.

Alternative C creates a new fully signalized intersection below grade at
Alma & Ravenswood which makes crossing the street more difficult for
pedestrians and cyclists. Even cars suffer under Alternative C because
they must now wait at the intersection for frequent extended pedestrian
light cycles. This will worsen congestion on Ravenswood rather than
improve it, thereby negating the potential benefit of grade separation.

On the other hand, Alternative A reinforces the connection between library
and Caltrain by creating a separated crossing over Ravenswood at Alma which
eliminates intersection conflicts entirely for cyclists, pedestrians and
drivers. If a decision is required tonight, please consider the fabric of
the city and how the choice impacts all users.


Jonathan Weiner
Received on Tue May 08 2018 - 18:04:31 PDT

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