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Tomorrow's meeting and keeping our children/people safe

From: domainremoved <Kathi>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2018 22:36:59 -0500

Dear City Council members-

I am both a business owner (as the Managing Partner of Winston & Strawn,
Silicon Valley, hired this year to expand our operations in Silicon Valley)
and a homeowner. I own two homes in Menlo Park and, on behalf of my firm,
have chosen to build out our current space in Menlo Park as opposed to
moving to another location. I have lived in Menlo Park for nearly 20
years, from West Menlo to Flood Park to Menlo Oaks to Stone Pine to Felton
Gables. I am also close with many in Menlo Park, with other Menlo
Park-based law firms (and tech companies and businesses).

I write because I understand that tomorrow you will be faced with a vote
relating to aqueducts and raising the rail in Menlo Park. I would implore
you to vote for option A and not consider C or any proposal that doesn't
seek to lower, not raise, the amount of noise created by the trains in
Menlo Park.

I am sure there will be many voices talking about the noise levels in Menlo
Park and our general quality of life. In the pressure cooker community in
which we live, all of these views seeking to protect our well-being are
critically important. Thank you for listening to them.

Most pressing on my mind is that our community has some of the highest
suicide rates in the country and no business person, family member or child
is immune from the tragedy suicide brings. The businessman who bought my
last house in Menlo Park (on Berkeley Ave in Menlo Park) threw himself in
front of train in Menlo Park, killing his children's father, his wife's
husband and a friend to many. My kids' friends discuss and/or threaten
and/or attempt suicide on a regular basis. Way too many kids in the schools
have suicide pacts. For those with suicidal ideations (which, for kids, no
doubt exceeds the 12 percent who admit to it), hearing the train numerous
times as day is a constant prompt.

See this article for examples of what we face:

I am happy to submit affidavits or statements from physiologists and
psychiatrists who have lost patients who can explain the impact the train
and its noise has on our community.

The bottom line is that, as our elected leaders, I hope that in making
decisions about these issues, you put our children and people first. There
are many decisions you can make that might promote innovation or growth.
But for critical decisions relating to the train, I hope you will reject
industry proposals that will harm our communities. I hope you will go a
step further and work to create a quiet zone in Menlo Park.

I am happy to discuss or provide additional data.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Kathi Vidal
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