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Re: Walking Downtown

From: domainremoved <Kirsten>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 02:50:23 +0000

Thanks for the email, Bianca. These are good ideas to keep in mind.

Best regards,


On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 2:40 PM Bianca Walser <bianca.walser_at_(domainremoved)

> *Honorable Council Members,Tuesday morning I had plans to meet a friend
> for coffee at the new Coffee Bar. Since it was a beautiful day, I decided
> to walk downtown. On my way home, I was passing Draeger’s and I started to
> think about what I was going to feed my family for dinner that night. I
> remembered that Draeger’s often has really nice fresh trout that my
> children actually like to eat, so I stopped in and picked up some trout for
> dinner, and some fresh asparagus too. Then I walked back home. Had I
> driven to Coffee Bar to meet my friend, I would not have stopped at
> Draeger’s that day. Saturday morning I had plans to meet another friend for
> coffee. On my way downtown I remembered that my son has a birthday party
> coming up for which I needed to buy a present, so I popped into to Cheeky
> Monkey, bought a gift, and had them wrap it. After coffee I remembered I
> needed a card too, so I stopped in at Village Stationers and bought a card.
> I also spent another $20 on what I freely admit to be impulse purchases.
> Heading up Santa Cruz, I decided to pick up some bagels at Posh Bagel. Then
> I walked back home. Had I driven to Coffee Bar, I might have stopped in at
> Cheeky Monkey, but I would not have visited Village Stationers or Posh
> Bagel that day. As Council considers the various ideas and suggestions for
> a parking structure downtown, I ask you to remember that the cars cost the
> city money, yet they do not spend money. People spend money, and
> pedestrians cost the city little in terms of infrastructure. Foot traffic
> creates opportunities for impulse purchases. Just this week I spent at
> least $70 downtown that I would not have spent had I driven downtown
> instead of walked. So as we discuss all the various options on the table,
> please make choices that keep downtown Menlo Park attractive to impulsive
> pedestrians like me.Thank you. Bianca WalserAllied Arts*
> --
Best regards,

Kirsten Keith,
Councilmember and former Mayor, City of Menlo Park
Received on Sun Apr 29 2018 - 19:52:05 PDT

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