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Walking Downtown

From: domainremoved <Bianca>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2018 17:40:03 -0700

*Honorable Council Members,Tuesday morning I had plans to meet a friend for
coffee at the new Coffee Bar. Since it was a beautiful day, I decided to
walk downtown. On my way home, I was passing Draeger’s and I started to
think about what I was going to feed my family for dinner that night. I
remembered that Draeger’s often has really nice fresh trout that my
children actually like to eat, so I stopped in and picked up some trout for
dinner, and some fresh asparagus too. Then I walked back home. Had I
driven to Coffee Bar to meet my friend, I would not have stopped at
Draeger’s that day. Saturday morning I had plans to meet another friend for
coffee. On my way downtown I remembered that my son has a birthday party
coming up for which I needed to buy a present, so I popped into to Cheeky
Monkey, bought a gift, and had them wrap it. After coffee I remembered I
needed a card too, so I stopped in at Village Stationers and bought a card.
I also spent another $20 on what I freely admit to be impulse purchases.
Heading up Santa Cruz, I decided to pick up some bagels at Posh Bagel. Then
I walked back home. Had I driven to Coffee Bar, I might have stopped in at
Cheeky Monkey, but I would not have visited Village Stationers or Posh
Bagel that day. As Council considers the various ideas and suggestions for
a parking structure downtown, I ask you to remember that the cars cost the
city money, yet they do not spend money. People spend money, and
pedestrians cost the city little in terms of infrastructure. Foot traffic
creates opportunities for impulse purchases. Just this week I spent at
least $70 downtown that I would not have spent had I driven downtown
instead of walked. So as we discuss all the various options on the table,
please make choices that keep downtown Menlo Park attractive to impulsive
pedestrians like me.Thank you. Bianca WalserAllied Arts*
Received on Sun Apr 29 2018 - 17:41:53 PDT

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