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From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2018 20:30:46 +0000 (UTC)

The attached picture was taken 4/27/18 around 10:45 a.m. onthe “trail” between Sand Hill and Alpine Roads.  My husband had to jump out of the way in order to avoid being hit.  Also note that these two cyclists are fast approaching a blind corner where there could have been other cyclists coming at similar speeds from the opposite direction, or even more vulnerable pedestrians.  When Sand Hill was widened the at-surface footpath between Alpine andSand Hill roads used by local residents  was removed. The new replacement “trail” below the cantilevered section of Santa CruzAve was installed (according to Larry Horton of Stanford, at several meetings Iattended) to provide a way for Stanford Weekend Acres residents to negotiatethe intersections in place of the old footpath.  Because of the traffic chaos in the vicinity of theintersections and along Alpine Road, high speed cyclists (often in groups)  have taken to using this “trail” as a majorbicycle right of way.  The trail is notevenADA-compliant, and the addition of cyclists traveling up to 30+ mph on thissloping surface is ultra hazardous for pedestrians.  It is also the route that Ladera studentstake to and from school.  There have beenseveral bicycle caused accidents, one recent one involved a Stanford WeekendAcres resident that sent him to hospital. There have also been prior incidents involving kids skate boarding downthe slope, and homeless camps.  The areais evidently not patrolled and is in a woefully poor state of maintenance withlarge cracks that could also be life threatening to these cyclists.  The trail was also badly designed andengineered since water cascades down the embankment in winter causingadditional erosion. There is a similar problem with cyclists along the part ofthe same “trail” that stretches along the city part of Alpine Road. This isparticularly acute at the turn from Alpine where there is sharp curve combinedwith a severe slope (a combination not in compliance with ADA.)  I have seen women struggling with pushingstrollers up the hill confronted by speeding cyclists tearing downthe incline.  If you happen to be walkingyour dog, you have to jump out of the way to avoid being mowed down. (One veryelderly Stanford Weekend Acres resident was seen crossing Alpine and walking inthe bike lane presumably to get  toSafeway in order avoid the “trail” which is  not negotiable for mobility impaired persons!) I, and others, have notified the city of these dangeroussituations many times over many years, and it is imperative that the city atthe very least, (even if you cannot immediately rectify the physicalproblems,) do something to rid the high speed cyclists from using this trail.  At a minimum, a speed limit sign shouldbe installed and enforced, as requested. Not only are the cracks in the “trail”under the cantilevered section of Santa Cruz continually widening  because of erosion, but the actualroad surface also appears to be suffering from erosion and crackingwhich is perhaps being exacerbated by the constant increase in traffic making aright turn (from Alpine) down Sand Hill to the Stanford Medical facilities and shoppingcenter. BOTTOM LINE: TheCity needs to address the many liability problems associated with the “trail”and with the multiple serious issues associated with the chaotic trafficsituation between the two intersections of Alpine and Sand Hill.


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