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Apr. 23 Guild proposa;

From: domainremoved <Judy>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 18:32:34 -0700

Dear City Council and Planning Commission:

I have read through the proposal for the Guild’s many details, but also *with
a focus on community benefits to accrue from the project*. I am impressed
by the proposal’s efforts to accommodate balanced arts programming in
addition to live entertainment, including film arts.

From that viewpoint, the groundwork has been conscientious as well as
creative. The design of the building incorporates a re-configurable floor
space with basement storage for “theater quality” seats and graduated
platforms to create a slope for viewing film, preserving the “cinema
capability…[as] an additional public benefit” as Drew Dunlevie stated in
his April 17 letter to Associate Planner Sandmeier.

In addition to the design of the interior of the facility, the rendering of
the front of the building retains the flavor – and hopefully the actual
Guild marquee, or a close reproduction of it - out of respect for the long
history of film at the location. I am confident that the new Guild will
bring in a new era with the marquee symbolizing movies of past eras in our
city’s film history and culture.

I’ll use two old sayings here: “the devil is in the details” and “if you
build it, they will come.” The proposal has clearly been carefully
researched, but the non-profit also has worked with groups and individuals
to ensure flexibility and proportion in planning events. The CHS
Consulting Group’s research also addresses scheduling issues to mitigate
impact of the multi-use venue. I find their use of the Mill Valley music
venue an excellent illustration of successful accommodation. “They will
come” to the new Guild.

There is strong Menlo Park and peninsula residents interest in indie film.
The print Guild petition was signed by over 2600, 82% from Menlo Park, Palo
Alto and our nearest peninsula cities,* with Menlo Park accounting for 21%
of comments, and Palo Alto 12%.* The online petition has over 1500 signers
with peninsula residents’ comments accounting for 80% of the total, of
that, *66% were from Menlo Park residents, and 34% from Palo Alto.* We
have a mailing list of 61 residents supporting film at the new Guild, who
are interested in giving feedback, and interested in the Guild sponsoring a
film club with discounts to members. We also have an additional 31
participants in our Guild Film Discussion Group at the library, willing to
provide feedback. They will come for film and other arts programming, to
this carefully planned venue.

Last, we are working with the U.N. Film Festival organizer to develop local
interim venues for their UNAFF free afternoon film series while the Guild
is awaiting its transformation, and we are recommending their films as a
“base” for free indie film screenings at the new Guild, as well as their
full festival (with an admission fee).

I strongly support this proposal and encourage its movement forward to meet
the Peninsula Arts Guild’s “calendar” to buy and begin construction

Judy Adams

Menlo Park resident
Received on Mon Apr 23 2018 - 18:32:34 PDT

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