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Guild Theatre - Circulation Considerations

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:03:39 -0700

Dear Planning Commissioners,

Many in the community are excited about the new Guild and it's quickly
moving through our City's processes. It's extremely important that as this
project rapidly rolls ahead that parking/circulation-related issues that
affect safety are carefully analyzed and mitigated. Below please find some
questions/comments related to the Technical Memo (Staff Report Attachment

   - The memo states multiple times that events at the new Guild would
   typically start at 9pm, with doors to the facility opening at 8pm. From a
   quick look at music start times at Mountain Winery, Fox Theatre and The
   Fillmore, those venues appear to have many performances beginning at 8pm,
   with doors opening at 7pm. Even the example given in the memo, the
   Sweetwater in Mill Valley has shows at 8pm. Given that all of the parking
   and traffic data is based on a 9pm start time, *how would an earlier
   start time of 8pm, especially on Friday nights, affect the analysis*?

   - Furthermore, *what analysis has been done to determine the parking and
   traffic impacts for community events* (since a main public benefit of
   the project is an additional and discounted community gathering
space) held *during
   the week and at an earlier time*? It's doubtful that a local school
   concert/church event will take place at 9pm on a weekend.

   - An assumption is made that 27 vehicles (10% of total assumed vehicles)
   will be departing the Guild via an Uber/Lyft-type service. The memo further
   states that these Uber/Lyft-type cars will be be "uniformly" arriving and
   departing over a 30 minute period after each show, therefore creating a
   steady flow of cars picking up; each only stopping for their passenger for
   40 seconds. While the report shows an allowance of 1.1 minutes available
   for each car (30 minutes/27 vehicles), there a quite a few assumptions
   built into this scenario. Rather than rely on one illustration, I would
   urge you to *look at a couple of different scenarios*. *What if 15 cars
   arrive within 3 minutes? What if more than 10% of vehicles pick up
   curbside?* There is a recommendation in the report that Guild staff
   could stand outside to ensure the movement of pick-ups. Please consider
   making this an after-show requirement.

   - The memo references the future possibility of the loading zone being
   removed due to the installation of bike lanes on El Camino Real. Live Oak
   (300 feet to the south) is suggested as an alternative loading zone. *Please
   carefully think through this scenario*. As we know from the recent
   experience with the development plans at 840 Menlo Ave. that punting likely
   loading zone challenges to the future can cause confusion and major
   problems down the road. Thinking through the what-ifs, with neighboring
   property dwellers, at this time would be wise. Another idea would be to
   make Live Oak the loading zone from the beginning, keeping drop-offs and
   pick-ups off busy El Camino Real.

   - There were two issues regarding parking and circulation that were not
   addressed in the memo. The first is regarding the *parking of the
   musicians' large tour buses* that were previously mentioned in Guild
   discussions. Where will those go? The second is regarding *handicapped
   access/parking*. How will that be addressed?

It's important that we think through these transportation related issues at
this time so that impacts can be properly mitigated. Safety must be top of
mind when assessing development projects such as these.

Thank you for your consideration of these issues.

*Jen Wolosin*
Parents for Safe Routes
Received on Mon Apr 23 2018 - 16:07:31 PDT

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