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Support for The Guild

From: domainremoved <Melissa>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 22:04:19 +0100

Dear Menlo Park Planning Commission,

First off, thank you all for everything you do to make Menlo Park a lovely
place to live and raise a family. As a 14-year resident of Ladera
(unincorporated Menlo Park) and someone who frequents Menlo Park businesses
more than anywhere else on the peninsula, I certainly appreciate all that
Menlo Park has to offer, including the incredible schools (my children have
both gone through the Las Lomitas district).

I am writing to voice my support for the The Guild Theater project under
consideration. As an avid live music goer, I would LOVE to be able to stay
in Menlo Park to see a great live act (and dine out beforehand) rather than
heading to San Francisco or Oakland 2x/month for live music shows. I feel
sure there are plenty of Menlo Park residents who feel the same.

I urge you to support this proposal, as I would hate for Menlo Park to lose
out on this opportunity. I feel sure the "Save the Guild" investors have
Menlo Park's best interest in mind and will go a long way to ensure The
Guild becomes a valuable asset to the community. I am truly excited about
the possibility of having a resource like this for live music and community
events so close to home and in the heart of Menlo Park.

We hope you will strongly consider this project as a wonderful community
resource, a resource we believe Menlo Park needs.


Melissa Almgren
Received on Sun Apr 22 2018 - 14:06:35 PDT

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