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Invitation: Menlo Park Bike Adventure this Saturday (April 21)

From: domainremoved <Katie>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 07:32:35 -0700

Dear City Council,

I'm following up on my public comment to formally invite you to join
Parents for Safe Routes, Menlo Velo, Cafe Zoe, and WheelKids Palo Alto this
Saturday for our pilot Menlo Park Bike Adventure!

League Cycling Instructors from WheelKids will be coaching 10 4-5th graders
in safe road-sharing behavior as they ride to popular destinations in Menlo
Park. We are hiding bike-themed prizes in various locations around town and
will stop for a snack at Cafe Zoe. Officer Mary Ferguson will join us
outside council chambers for a debrief at the end of the ride.

We are hoping that this can be a template for future bike education events
in Menlo Park, and as such, we'd love to have your support and

You are welcome to join us on bikes for any of the journey–but especially
for the last segment between Cafe Zoe and the Civic Center. (This is the
route that many students from the Willows must ride each day to get to
school and we think it needs some work.)

Please let me and Jen know if you have questions and/or will be joining us
for this ride. Thank you so much for your support of safe routes to school!

Warm regards,


When: 9 AM–12 noon on Saturday, April 21 (the day before Earth Day!)
Starting Point: Hillview Middle School
Stops: Fremont Park (~9:30), Burgess Park (~10:00), Cafe Zoe (~10:45), City
Hall (~11:45)
League Certified Bicycle Trainers: WheelKids Palo Alto
In-kind Sponsors: WheelKids Palo Alto, Cafe Zoe, and Menlo Velo
Organizers: Parents for Safe Routes Leadership Team

Katie Behroozi
650.804.1812 (cell)
Received on Wed Apr 18 2018 - 07:34:57 PDT

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