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Yes Housing; No Garage

From: domainremoved <Brielle>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2018 11:16:21 -0700

While the Council meets tonight to conduct its biennial review of the Specific Plan, there seems to be distractions that could be set aside until a later date. The Guild theatre project and a downtown parking garage are secondary to correcting flaws that have appeared in the Specific Plan. The most important task before you is whether your growth projections included in the 2012 approval of the Specific Plan have been met and how is the city adjusting to the impacts from this growth.

The Staff report addresses the need for housing to meet the demands approval of office developments. Allowing greater density while reducing parking requirements in housing projects would be the simplest approach to bringing vibrancy in the downtown area. This concept would have been a better policy when working with the Greenheart developers. The Greenheart and Stanford sites were the city’s best Transit Oriented Development sites and the number of parking spaces in both projects (total 2,000) was a step backwards. We are in a time when public transit, Uber, Lyft, Chariot, Zipcar and bicycle popularity are in favor with young office workers.

This raises the question as to why would the City now consider a downtown garage? The Santa Cruz downtown area is within blocks of the Caltrain Station. This seems like a step backwards. The neighborhoods near the downtown area need parking restrictions and resident privileges, like San Francisco has.

Increasing density and reducing parking for housing developments while building a large downtown garage are two ideas in conflict with one another. Pick the first and discard the second.

Brielle Johnck
Received on Tue Apr 17 2018 - 11:17:57 PDT

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