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The NEW Guild

From: domainremoved <Krista>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 12:29:25 -0700

Hello Menlo Park Planning Commission.

I've lived in Atherton and Menlo Park my entire life. We live downtown
Menlo, our girls go to Oak Knoll and we own and operate a business downtown
Menlo Park. We are extremely active in the community and would like for you
to hear how excited we would be for a revitalization of some culture here
in town.

We love music, comedy and art and frankly are tired of having to go to San
Francisco for it. We live in a vibrant community and we need more culture
at home. We feel the intentions that are presented for The New Guild by
Drew and his team will be loved, welcomed and used by all in our community
and beyond. It will help bring in good restaurants so people don't need to
go to Palo Alto, San Francisco or San Carlos to have a good dining
experience. We have a very active community and this will draw them into
wanting to shop local and be proud of their town!

Thanks so much for listening and acting on our future.

Krista Skehan

Krista Skehan
Founder & Creative Director

650 906 2924
personify.us <http://www.personify.us/>

Design _at_(domainremoved)
Art _at_(domainremoved)
Received on Mon Apr 16 2018 - 12:31:20 PDT

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