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CalTrain tracks

From: domainremoved <Katherine>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2018 17:15:28 -0700

Dear city council,

Please hold off making any decision about how to achieve grade separation of the Caltrain tracks through Menlo Park until a serious effort has been made to collaborate with neighboring communities up and down the Peninsula. We need to work toward a unified solution to deal with grade separation, not go it alone.

As I understand the two current options under consideration, Menlo Park would be mired in traffic-standstill and rage-inducing construction for half a decade. There are already so few ways to get from the east side to the west side of town. If it were made even more difficult, I would start using Middlefield to take my business to Palo Alto instead. As much as I love the Pet Place, Galata, and Cafe Borrone, CoffeeBar, Pharmaca and Trader Joe’s, I would make the rational decision to not spend hours dancing around a construction zone getting to them.

And have you considered the monstrous burden you would be placing on families in Linfield Oaks or the Willows who need to get their children to Hillview School? I can choose to take my shopping elsewhere. I can’t choose to take my children to school elsewhere.

I wonder if part of the danger of the current non-separated configuration is that drivers are so frustrated by traffic jams that they will inch forward even onto the tracks if necessary to get them just a bit closer to where they’re going. While a grade separation project were going on, I believe that out of sheer frustration and rage, drivers would become more aggressive and engage in even more reckless driving. I see this in construction areas all over the place (remember the weapon brandishing near the Willow/101 interchange, for example?). How about working to solve the the area’s traffic woes with projects of more modest scope (adding turn lanes, adjusting timing of traffic lights, improving public transit and bike lanes) without making the traffic nightmarishly worse in the meantime.

Please don’t go forward with a grade separation project at this time.


Katy Miller
Linfield Oaks
Received on Sun Apr 15 2018 - 17:17:12 PDT

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