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My concerns regarding " Facebook Town"

From: domainremoved <Lily>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 20:05:23 -0700

Dear City Council

It really worries me that our quaint community is now becoming so different from what we moved into back in 1995. It is now being taken over by a different generation of people. How do we accommodate so many more people in our community? The traffic is bad enough, and parking is barely tolerable. I rarely go into downtown MP during lunch or dinner.

I never joined Facebook because I didn’t trust their ability to keep anything private. I don’t know how they can. The executives of the company ought to look at themselves, and ask why they did not listen to their own people warning them of the problems of keeping data private (on 50 or more million people)? This is a company I am not willing to trust.

I don’t want Menlo Park to be obligated to Facebook because of the money they are using and planning to build up Menlo Park. We don’t need it that badly. I urge Menlo Park council members to please refrain from letting Facebook money tempt you in giving up our quaint little city.

Lily Brelsford
Received on Tue Mar 27 2018 - 20:07:29 PDT

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