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Facebook Willows Village Development

From: domainremoved <Sarah>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 13:55:20 -0700

Hi City Council

I can't make the meeting this evening with the public but wanted to submit

I think I am too late at this point to stop this development but want the
city to note strong disappointment in this decision from yet another
tax-paying, voting member of the community. From a philosophical
perspective, I don't appreciate how this city has just handed over a large
part of the area to one company, carte-blanche. Did Belle Haven need
development and udpates and investment? Yes. Did that mean you needed to
let Mark Zuckerberg take the lead on all of that single-handedly? No.
Development is a reality in this area but we should all be held accountable
to focus on sustainable development that makes sense.

So, the project is underway and the world gets to read about our new
company-town in the New York Times. But at this point, you need to take
some responsibility to move forward wisely. Two big considerations that
must be addressed for this community:

1) Traffic. I realize that the assumption is that most of the people that
will live in this development will just walk to work. But what about when
they don't? Traffic sucks in Menlo Park now - how will you handle this
influx of new workers? They won't just always sit in their apartments and
Willow Road is not a solution for this many new residents, as its currently
constructed. You need to focus, in partnership with Facebook, on transit
solutions and how you will not clog the streets further.

3) Schools. MA can't handle such an influx of students without additional
funding. Again, please don't be naive to think that all these new workers
will just be young and childless forever. Maybe they will at first but what
if they like it here? What if they stay? How can MA handle such an influx
since it is the only high school for all of MA and East Palo Alto? Mark
Zuckerberg/Facebook must contribute to the school system or any resident of
this new complex is barred from having any offspring attend a Menlo Park
school. Or think of something....

There is a lot of work to be done but please don't avoid the hard issues.


Sarah Reilly
Received on Tue Mar 27 2018 - 13:57:26 PDT

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