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D1. Willow Village / FaceBook Campus – 18-062-CC – Open Public Space / Landscape Comments – 27 March 2018

From: domainremoved <Luis>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 19:02:03 +0000 (UTC)

Dear City Council Members and developer,
East Palo Alto residents will also benefit from the new Willow Village FaceBook Campus and we thank you for the opportunity to provide some feedback on the development proposal and initial design.
- We would like to have as much local greenery and as many community park amenities as possible since we do not have access to any public open space at present in the Kavanaugh East Palo Alto area. Therefore, we would also like to have the O’Brien Park much bigger than the current planned size. 
- The project is a great opportunity to incorporate the redevelopment of Hetch Hetchy right of way and to connect the proposed south park crescent between Ivy and O’Brien Parks. This would create an additional south paseo.We would like the current developer of this project to work with relevant parties such as the city, nearby other landowners, and the SFPUC, to increase park/playground options on Hetch Hetchy such as secured children/toddlers areas and tennis/basketball/football/soccer courts, etc... to serve future employees and local residents.
- To truly engage with the community it would be much better if the planned campus/Willow village was completely open (like the Googleplex campus for example) and not have part of the buildings fenced off.
Overall, we are very excited about this new mixed used project with public access and amenities. Nearby residents are looking forward for the developer to implementing feedback and suggestions and wishing them success. We are also looking forward for the city of Menlo Park and the planning commission to encouraging more of such live/work/play developments in the near future that will transform the O’Brien business park area in a more lively community district integrated in the surrounding city neighborhoods.
Thank you for your time.Luis Guzman, 7 Clarence Court, East Palo Alto resident for 40 yr
Received on Tue Mar 27 2018 - 12:04:44 PDT

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