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Re: Promotions not punishment for lying cops

From: domainremoved <Palo>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 07:45:11 -0700

Look no further than the Palo Alto Police Department. April Wagner in the now infamous Ciampi case in which she was found guilty of using an unconstitutional ruse. Just another form of lying... Use of false pretense leading to probable cause under lying conditions
“Judge sharply criticizes 'tainted' police actions in tricking Joseph Anthony Ciampi to exit his van, leading to a fight and double Taser incident’


April Wagner an agent at the time rose to the level of lieutenant presently...Also found to have passed along confidential phone call records.


This individual should be striped of badge and weapon and decertified to serve anywhere... included in this: Ron Watson, Patty Lum, Robert Bonilla, Daniel Ryan stripped of pension.

The Palo Alto Police Department has a very long pervasive list / record of acts of deceit. It’s ingrained in their present day culture...with full support from James Keene and council...

The most comprehensive report available on this subject which I have read time and time again. The City Of New York - Commission Report July 7, 1994 Milton Mollen Chair

The culture of lying remains unchanged as this current article exposes....And it does not have to be this way... Cognitive behaviors can be changes by eliminating the special laws that protect police. Namely, Police Officers Special Bill of Rights


Mark Petersen-Perez
Editor: Palo Alto Free Press
Ticuantepe, Nicaragua 🇳🇮

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