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RE:Absence of Menlo Park representation at LPMG meeting (Caltrain/ High Speed Rail)

From: domainremoved <Morris>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 16:58:07 -0800

I want to make clear that my posting above regarding Menlo Park not
being represented at this meeting, was not meant in anyway to convey
critical personal charges against either Councilmember Cline or Keith.

Both of them have written me and have good reasons for their absences.

The problem is one of communication it seems; the City should have
sent at least in their absence someone to state MP's views, but did not.

As it turns out, this meeting was a total disaster with nothing of
value to offer.

morris brown


For those who missed my earlier posting, copied below is the earlier posting.

I attended the Local Policy Makers Group (LPMG) meeting last evening
(2/22/2018) in San Carlos. Although Palo Alto, Belmont, Redwood City
all sent representatives to the meeting which focused on High Speed
Rail and Caltrain, Menlo Park was not represented.

Neither Councilmembers Cline, nor Keith, our official
representatives, were present. One would think the City would at
least send somebody there.

My conclusion is Caltrain and High Speed Rail are not much of a
priority of the Council.

morris brown
Received on Fri Feb 23 2018 - 17:00:58 PST

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