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Willow Traffic Thank you...

From: Brian Gilmer <"Brian>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2018 11:55:04 -0800

Council Member, Acting Chief of Police;


I would like to begin by again stating my thanks for approving the Willows
Traffic Mitigation changes that included no right turns onto Willow from
O'Keefe, Durham and Chester as well as no left turn onto Baywood from 3:00
PM to 7:00 PM Weekdays. It has had a great and positive affect on the
streets. Whereas O'Keefe was getting backed up for several blocks and
Durham and Chester even worse, now the lines are much smaller and for a much
shorter time period. People are still making the right turn at these
streets during those hours but the enforcement has had a positive affect for
the neighborhood. Thank you for having officers here for several days
issuing citations and warnings. Cars are learning and cutting through the
76 gas station and El Rancho Market but hopefully not many and something
that the owners of those businesses can easily address if it is a problem.


It has been my personal observation that the traffic on Willow heading East
also seems to be moving better. I am not sure if this is because there are
fewer cars turning onto Willow and slowing the traffic or some other reason
but it seems to far that the changes have had a positive impact on the
traffic flow as well as the Willows neighborhood.


It is my hope that the City will continue to keep transportation as a very
high priority. While the construction of the 101/Willow interchange seems
to have triggered the problems we experienced late last year I think that it
will continue to be an issue after the completion of the project. I, and
other neighbors I have spoken to, are also worried about the traffic
resulting from the Greenheart and Stanford projects in Menlo Park as well as
other Stanford projects along the Sand Hill Road corridor.




Best Regards



Brian Gilmer

O'Keefe Street

Menlo Park.
Received on Sat Feb 17 2018 - 12:20:30 PST

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