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Transportation in the Belle Haven Neighborhood

From: Mrs. Elidia Tafoya <"Mrs.>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2018 19:30:19 +0000

February 16, 2018

Dear Menlo Park City Council,

As you know, congestion has become the unavoidable, traffic dilemma in Menlo Park in the last few months. With the recent installation of the ‘No Thru Traffic’ signs in the Willows neighborhood that has prevented commuters from funneling into Dumbarton Bridge through the residential area, traffic flow has curtailed slightly. My commute from Stanford to home, in Menlo Park’s Belle Haven Neighborhood, use to take 25 minutes taking the Marsh Road exit, and now it takes 45-50 minutes due to commuters spilling into my community taking shortcuts, and avoiding the heavy gridlock on Bayfront Expressway. Not only is the traffic inevitable in this area with the Facebook/Caltrain construction occurring at the same time, I know preventing drivers from flooding into Belle Haven with the help of ‘No Thru Traffic’ signs will significantly reduce commute times for not only myself, but others who live in this area. One added benefit to the stop-and-go traffic, has been a contracted, construction worker, which has alleviated some gridlock by directing traffic from Instagram’s headquarters. We need action now. The solution to this “carmageddon” in my neighborhood is to have two, big street signs to block half the roadway from: 1) Chilco x Terminal Avenue and the other between 2) Terminal x Almanor Avenue. Too many cars are avoiding the ‘No Left Turn from 3:30-7:00PM’ signage (legally enforceable) between Chilco and Hamilton, and taking Terminal Avenue and Almanor Avenue to make a left on Hamilton Ave to cut through Willow Road.

I understand the caveat that these signs cannot be legally enforced, but re-directing traffic and keeping cars on Bayfront Expressway is enough justification to install the signs in our neighborhood to significantly return our roads back to normalcy. Our neighborhood is in need of a solution now.

Thank you.


Elidia and Daniel Tafoya

Belle Haven Residents

340 Terminal Avenue, Menlo Park



Maria Contreras

Terminal Ave., Menlo Park

David and Rachel Bickerstaff

Terminal Ave., Menlo Park

Rose Bickerstaff

Terminal Ave., Menlo Park

Clementine Smith

Terminal Ave., Menlo Park

Whitney Pine Hoermann

Terminal Ave., Menlo Park

Maria Becerra

Terminal Ave., Menlo Park

Yui and Joanna Lee

Terminal Ave., Menlo Park

Victoria Fontenot

Terminal Ave., Menlo Park

Ismael Lombera

Almanor Ave., Menlo Park

Carmen Contreras-Mora

Modoc Ave., Menlo Park

Carlos and Cari Navarrete

Almanor Ave., Menlo Park

The Pech Family

Hollyburne Ave., Menlo Park

The Mora Family

Windermere Ave., Menlo Park

Alfredo Arteaga

Hollyburne Ave., Menlo Park

The Contreras Family

Hamilton Ave., Menlo Park

Sources: Bradshaw, K. (2013, November 15). Willows traffic: 'No Thru Traffic' signs up. The Almanac. Retrieved from http://www.almanacnews.com

Received on Fri Feb 16 2018 - 11:33:26 PST

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