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Input on affordable housing

From: domainremoved <Debbie>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 15:36:21 -0800

*Dear Mayor Ohtaki and Councilmembers, This Thursday is the final community
input session about the downtown library renovation. While I do not believe
we need to renovate the main library, I DO believe there's wisdom in adding
more below-market and affordable housing to city-owned property, such as
the library.Where will new firefighters, police, and teachers live? Not to
mention wage earners working in our restaurants, cleaning our homes and
commercial establishments, etc? I also understand that there are over 30
open positions with the city of Menlo Park. Imagine the hiring advantage
we'd have if we could offer housing within walking distance to some of our
employees!At the annual State of the Valley meeting on Friday, hosted by
Joint Venture Silicon Valley, they reported that the number of jobs in
Silicon Valley have grown 31% since the recovery in 2010, but housing
growth is badly lagging behind. In the last two years, Silicon Valley has
issued permits for only 18% of the new housing needed, and only 7% of these
new units are for affordable housing.Young families, employees, and
teachers are all leaving Menlo Park for more affordable housing options.
And while I’m happy to see that the council has approved more housing in
recent years in Belle Haven and near Facebook, it isn’t nearly enough and
the housing isn’t dispersed throughout the city.Please say YES to planning
for more affordable housing, either at the downtown library or elsewhere
near central Menlo Park and our trains and buses. - Sincerely,Debbie
Hall1245 Hillview DriveMenlo Park*
Received on Wed Feb 14 2018 - 15:39:14 PST

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