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Re: Tonight's CC Agenda

From: domainremoved <Kirsten>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 23:21:13 +0000

Thanks for the update. We voted for both! Let’s grab coffee. Time on

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 4:39 PM John Boyle <johncboyle_at_(domainremoved)

> Honorable City Council Members,
> I had hoped to attend tonight's council meeting, but due to a last minute
> conflict, it now looks like I will not be able to be there. My apologies
> for the lateness of this email, but if you do see it before any decisions
> are made, I'd like to share my two cents on two issues:
> 1. I've had a chance to look into the "New Guild" proposal, and it looks
> like a win-win opportunity. As always, "the devil's in the details," but
> subject to some negotiations on the part of the City (e.g. to ensure
> available and economical community usage), I think it looks like a great
> project that will help bring vibrancy to our downtown. The usual issues of
> funding and traffic seem to be addressed pretty well. From what I've
> heard, the non-profit group has lined up private financing and will not
> require a taxpayer subsidy in any form. And since the usage of this
> property will primarily fall on weekends and evenings, it should minimize
> traffic and parking issues. Neighborhood "cut-through" traffic may still
> be an issue, but hopefully something can be worked out to address that
> concern.
> 2. Although I am normally very reluctant to embrace an overly broad
> "solution" to an issue, I think that our current situation (being forced to
> adopt a rigid district-by-district council election format)
> in-and-of-itself warrants making the change to becoming a Charter City. As
> noted by the City Attorney, the flexibility inherent in being a Charter
> City can present some problems, but as he also noted, it DOES ultimately
> still rest with the electorate to address any future impacts. We should
> trust ourselves (as voters and elected officials) to use the flexibility
> afforded as a Charter City to react to future needs ... and hopefully to
> come up with a better solution to the "district elections" mandate now
> being forced upon us.
> Sincerely,
> John Boyle
Best regards,
Kirsten Keith,
Mayor of Menlo Park
Received on Wed Feb 14 2018 - 15:24:19 PST

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