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Community Input Challenges in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <Julie>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 14:05:17 -0800

 Dear Community Leaders, Volunteers, City Staff and Concerned Residents,

We are doing our best to encourage community participation at meetings in
Menlo Park. It is challenging when there are multiple and simultaneous
meetings in one week which all have significant impact on residents and all
occur during peak traffic times.

This week alone there have been or will be seven meetings that require
input from Menlo Park residents.

On Monday 2/12: Advisory Districting Committee (7:15 pm 100 Terminal
On Tuesday 2/13 : City Council Meeting 700 Alma, 7pm
On Wednesday 2/14 : Complete Streets (701 Laurel, 7pm) and Housing
Commission** 700 Alma, 6:30 pm (**missing from website calendar.)

Which brings us to Thursday night February 15, the following *simultaneous*
meetings are scheduled:

1) Library Siting Meeting: Main LIbrary 701 Laurel St 6:30-8;30

We need to make known that public land is the ideal location for housing,
and that land is at a premium for affordable housing in particular. We
can't miss an an opportunity to create the live work play environment close
to public transportation that we all agree is desperately needed in our

2) Get Us Moving San Mateo Menlo Park Senior Center 110 Terminal Avenue

The agenda is to provide input on how money from a proposed county wide
half cent Transportation tax will be spent. It is a chance to specifically
address just and inclusive transportation at the county level. Committee
and commission members of Complete Streets and the Transportation Master
Plan - a named city priority - should be in attendance.

3) The Advisory Districting Committee 700 Alma St.,7;15 pm

This committee is making key recommendations on how we vote and who we vote
for. At this meeting, the committee will review public outreach efforts,
review submitted district maps and discuss district election sequencing.

*Video Conferencing Needed*: We would like to see video conferencing
available for public comment and live and recorded feeds of meetings.
Potential sites with connectivity, accessibility and available technology
include the Neighborhood Service Center, the Menlo Park Senior Center and
the Belle Haven Branch Library. Conversely, sites at the Main Library and
the Arrillaga Center can be used to dial in via video. And residents with
computers, smart phones or tablets can dial in from home.

*Everyone Attend Districting Committee Meetings*: Our preference is that
each community leader, active resident and current commissioner on any city
commission attend at least one districting committee meeting. The
districting committee is on a tight timeline, and all residents need to
know what districting means to them and our city.

*More Meetings Coming down the road:*

*Transportation*: The Complete streets commission was an attempt to
consolidate transportation related meetings. We anticipate that the
outreach committee for the Transportation Master Plan (part of the city
council's 5 priorities for the year) will be asking for public input on top
of any complete streets commission meeting.

*Library*: And the library has the Belle Haven Neighborhood Library
Advisory Committee in addition to Library Siting public meetings and
Library Commission meetings.

*Parks and Recreation*: In addition to monthly Parks and Recreation
Commission meetings, we've been approached about a Parks and Recreation
Oversight Committee and a Stakeholders Committee.

While the committee meetings are temporary, they are clustered and we feel
the squeeze.

We appreciate you, and the commissioners and committee members who work
tirelessly and voluntarily to improve the quality of life for our city. We
are confident that together we can alleviate some of these challenges.

With respect,

Julie Shanson & Cecilia Taylor

Belle Haven Action

Julie Shanson
*Communications Manager*
Received on Tue Feb 13 2018 - 14:08:17 PST

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