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Concerns & Recommendations About Menlo Park Grade Separations

From: domainremoved <dana>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2018 09:07:04 -0800

City Council Members:

I and others are deeply concerned about the current state of the
decision-making process for future grade separations in our city and find
it troubling for two reasons.

First, a very promising solution, the *full elevation of Caltrain tracks* -
with no lowering of Ravenswood, Oak Grove and Glenwood - continues to be
treated as infeasible. Where is the analysis that establishes this position
as either technically or politically infeasible? And how aggressively has
this assumption been tested? If it is actually possibly, then residents
have been denied the opportunity to fairly consider this attractive

Secondly, the Council has paid too little attention to the negative impacts
alternative grade separation solutions can have on the vibrancy and
vitality of the Downtown/Train Area. This "core" commercial district is now
enjoying a major economic transformation as developers invest in new
offices, residential units and retail locations, and our city should do
everything in its powers to encourage this progress. Dividing it with a
physical barrier (or train trench) would be severely detrimental.

I recommend the City Council (a) truly understand the feasibility of the
"full elevation" alternative and (b) carefully consider the need to enhance
rather than diminish the future health of the Downtown/Train Area before
deciding on a grade separation strategy.

Your leadership is critical now as our entire community will live with its
consequences for decades to come.

Once again we invite you to discuss our concerns and recommendations at
your convenience.

Best Regards,

Dana Hendrickson

 Grade Separation Recommendation (CC) - Part 1.pdf
 Grade Separation Recommendation (CC) - Part 2.pdf
 Grade Separation Recommendation (CC) - Part 3.pdf

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