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Requesting that the city join Mayors for Peace - in solidarity with Sister Cities Bizen, Japan and Kochi, India

From: domainremoved <Judy>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 15:52:39 -0800

Dear Mr. Cogan, Ms. Revolinsky, City Council Members, and Mayor Ohtaki:

I recently read online that Menlo Park is offering local teenagers the
opportunity to apply for an exchange visit to Bizen, Japan, one of our 4
Sister Cities, this summer (July and August). I request that Menlo Park
join the international organization Mayors for Peace, along with the 212
U.S. cities and 7,542 member cities from 163 countries and regions. Bizen
is one of the Japanese cities that are Mayors for Peace members, and we
should show solidarity with our Sister City before the students' summer
visit. In addition to Bizen, one of the other Menlo Park Sister Cities,
Kochi (Cochin), India is also a member of Mayors for Peace. Let us join

I think that this would be a significant act in support of world peace and
disarmament, especially now, as the Winter Olympics on the Korean peninsula
are about to begin, under the shadow of nuclear "brinksmanship" of
President Trump and the leader of N. Korea, Kim Jong-Un. This act would
further strengthen the Sister City program that Councilwoman and former
Mayor Catherine Carlton began in 2015.

For information about Mayors for Peace, see: http://www.mayorsforpeace.org
/english/outlines/index.html. As its mission, the organization "strives to
raise international public awareness regarding the need to abolish nuclear
weapons and contributes to the realization of genuine and lasting world
peace by working to eliminate starvation and poverty, assist refugees
fleeing local conflict, support human rights, protect the environment, and
solve the other problems that threaten peaceful coexistence within the
human family." These are all goals that Menlo Park should support. Peace
is a local as well as a global issue, and what better way to reach across
the globe than to join with our two Sister Cities' Mayors and citizens
involved in Mayors for Peace?

Incidentally, the U.S. Conference of Mayors has unanimously issued
resolutions in support of Mayors for Peace and nuclear disarmament since
2004, 2006-2017 at their June meetings (they recently finished their annual
January meeting in Washington, D.C.). I can provide a brief list of the
resolutions from 2004-2017 if you'd like.

This is truly a local issue of concern to California and other West Coast
cities; the Bay Area is probably in the "crosshairs" for missiles. Over 30
California cities are members of Mayors for Peace, including Los Angeles,
Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, San Leandro,
Saratoga, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento, to name a few.

I am a California resident since 1972 and have lived in Menlo Park for over
30 years. Since 1972 I've been a member of the local (Peninsula/Palo Alto)
branch of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Since 1915
WILPF and its many international and U.S. member branches, have been
dedicated to peaceful change; human rights; a clean environment; access to
affordable education, healthcare and housing; freedom from violence; for
the abolition of nuclear weapons, and the end of the arms trade. The San
Jose WILPF branch is also approaching its city to join Mayors for
Peace--this is a national WILPF effort for 2018..

I encourage Menlo Park to initiate a Mayor-to-Mayor contact with both its
Sister Cities that are members of Mayors for Peace, and to plan and support
activities to foster world peace and ending the threat of nuclear weapons.
It would be wonderful if this connection was made with both cities in time
for the young Menlo Park residents' trip to Bizen this summer! Or perhaps
also a future student exchange to our sister city in India.

You can contact me at this, my personal email, or our WILPF branch email
address, which I coordinate: wilpf.peninsula.paloalto_at_(domainremoved)
happy to talk with the Mayor, you as coordinators of the Sister City
program, and City Council members and to give you a warm invitation to
attend one of our local WILPF meetings. Our Feb. meeting is this Saturday,
at a member's home in Palo Alto; we meet monthly on second Saturdays from

I look forward to your response.

Yours in peace,

Judy Adams
homeowner - 737 Live Oak Ave.
Menlo Park
650-326-1235 (home)
650-339-0742 (mobile)

Note: Joining Mayors for peace is easy and inexpensive, but cities are not
required to pay dues (I'd be happy to donate the costs of membership to
Menlo Park - at current exchange rates, just under $20):
Received on Wed Feb 07 2018 - 15:56:23 PST

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