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Annexation of Triangle of homes between Santa Cruz Ave and the Alameda

From: Lynne McClure <"Lynne>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2018 15:03:29 -0800

Dear Menlo Park City Council,


I sincerely hope you will seriously re-consider including the Annexation of
our neighborhood in the 2018 City Work Plan.


Although this may seem like a "small" matter on scale to other concerns and
staffing priorities, it is quite "large" to our population.


We initiated the process of requesting to be annexed into the City of Menlo
Park three years ago, and have put over $10,000 of personal funds behind the
effort in addition to countless hours of meetings and emails to get to this


In early December, we finally had a chance to be heard by the City Council.
However, only three of five council members were present to hear and
consider our request, which has been under review for three years through
channels at the County and City Public Works. Of the three council members
present only one was in support; one stated that 'we may not want what we
wish for'; and, another stated that they did not fully understand the
differences between City and County rules & regulations. A mediocre showing
at best.


The meeting left us feeling supported and heard by only one Council member.
We fully know what it is we wish for. And, we fully understand the
differences between County and City rules and regulations. It is because we
fully understand and advocate on our behalf to become residents of the City
of Menlo Park, and therefore subject to City rules and regulations, that we
still stand before you and still request to be annexed.


The process began three years ago in order to have City (not County)
development regulations applied in our neighborhood. Too often, the more
lax County development provisions have decimated neighborhoods: with smaller
set-backs, smaller lot sizes, easily obtained variances and exceptions which
result in undesirable density and architectural discord. In addition, the
City has different standards for tree preservation. This may seem a small
item, but it is quite large when taken in context of whole neighborhoods at
risk of losing tree protection, canopy, habitat, water storage, carbon
storage, heat shelter and sheer beauty at the hands of developers.


We do know what we want: to be annexed into the City of Menlo Park. We wish
to be full residents of our City, the City in which we live, send our kids
to school, shop, bank and enjoy the many social and recreational attributes
of our community. We wish to be fully recognized as contributing members of
our community, to vote and to participate in decision-making that affects us
equally with our neighbors across the street.


Although, I am not physically standing in front of you tonight, my message
is hopefully just as clear and strident as those who are:

Please put our request to be annexed in the 2018 Work Plan. Please consider
this request as if our neighborhood completes the map of fully recognized



Lynne McClure

6 Crocus Ct.

Menlo Park, CA 94025



PS: I have learned from Joe LoCoco at the County, that the County will fund
the reconstruction of Sharon Rd and alley gutters,

IF the City will manage the contract consistent with County standards.


There are County funds available to inform a cost-benefit analysis in favor
of annexation!



Received on Tue Feb 06 2018 - 15:06:31 PST

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