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EQC recommendations on City's 2018 Work Plan

From: domainremoved <Janelle>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2018 15:53:13 -0800

Dear Mayor and City Council members,


This is to provide written recommendations from the Environmental Quality
Commission (EQC) on the City's proposed 2018 Work Plan. The EQC supports the
environment-related items on the City's work plan as critical to realize the
city's vision of environmental leadership and sustainability, and to meet
the city's climate action plan goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by
27% from 2005 levels by 2020.


The EQC has the following recommendations regarding specific work plan


Remaining and Ongoing Items:

. Revisions to California Green Building Standards Code for Electric
Vehicle Chargers:

o The EQC recommends prioritizing this item, as Menlo Park's EV adoption
rate is currently around 16% and rising. This would help ensure that new
construction accommodates what's likely to be a continued rapid increase in
EV adoption.

o Once the initial policy has been finalized, the EQC recommends that the
city immediately undertake a gap analysis of areas in the community that are
undersupplied with electric vehicle charging stations (such as residential
or existing commercial areas) and identify policy and/or program options to
prepare the community for a full transition to electric vehicles and
encourage a higher rate of electric vehicle ownership. If funding is needed
for this gap analysis, the EQC recommends using available Climate Action
Plan funds in the Capital Improvement Plan.

. Create Transportation Management Association: The EQC recommends
prioritizing this item, as it will help reduce carbon emissions by
incentivizing alternative methods of transportation than driving alone.

. Update Heritage Tree Ordinance: The EQC recommends prioritizing this
item, as it has been on the work plan for many years.


. Implement Downtown/ECR Specific Plan Biennial Review: The EQC urges
to City Council to keep this item on the priority list, and to update the
Plan to include the same green and sustainable building codes that were
recently adopted for the M2 area.

We are grateful for your leadership, especially on environmental matters,
and would be happy to discuss any of these items.




Janelle London

Chair, Environmental Quality Commission

Received on Fri Feb 02 2018 - 15:56:19 PST

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