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Jan. 29 workplan meeting

From: domainremoved <Sang>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 12:49:30 -0800

Dear Mayor Ohtaki and councilmembers,

When you meet today to discuss your priorities for the year, I, as a
resident of the city, urge you to add increasing the city's downtown
affordable housing supply to the list. As the recent Godbe city survey
called out, satisfaction is down in Menlo Park and that is largely
because of traffic and the high cost of housing. Our schools and
downtown businesses have high turnover because of the long commutes
and skyrocketing rents.

That is why there are two items you must prioritize this year. The
first is the downtown/specific plan. Menlo Park needs to substantially
increase the maximum number of the housing units in the plan. We’ve
nearly met our previously set goal, but that’s because the bar was set
too low. The second is to survey public land for the inclusion of
affordable housing. The downtown library renovation and parking lot
structures are great projects to have housing as a part of. They would
allow the city to build truly affordable housing near public transit,
addressing both the traffic and the housing problems facing the city.

We can’t afford to wait and we have to be creative. We're at a
critical juncture, and I hope Menlo Park has the wise leadership to
see us through it.

Sang Ngo
Received on Mon Jan 29 2018 - 12:53:40 PST

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