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Sharon Road Sidewalks

From: domainremoved <linda>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 11:34:55 -0800

Dear City Council members--

First of all, thank you for all of your time and hard work serving our
city. I know that you have many demands on the city time and resources, and
that you work long hours trying to balance these the best you can.

As you set priorities for this year's Work Plan, I very much urge you to
add sidewalks on Sharon Rd to the list of projects to work on.

I have lived on Sharon Rd for 7 years. Every school morning we watch dozens
of kids trudge up our hill on the way to La Entrada. They meet dozens more
coming from both sides of Alameda and continue on up Sharon Rd to La
Entrada. The last 3 years, I have been walking that stretch in the morning
with my daughter, who is now in 6th grade at La Entrada. If you could see
what that block of Sharon Rd (between Alameda de Las Pulgas and Altschul)
looks like in the morning, you would be horrified. There are no sidewalks.
Neighbors have encroached on the public right away. Kids climb up and down
embankments, duck under tree branches and stumble on gravel, while dragging
their wheeled backpacks behind them through the mud. Or worse yet they walk
on the road, just as Sharon Rd is backed up with a steady stream of cars as
parents leave La Entrada and head to work. It is the scariest on rainy days
and garbage days, when children have to swerve far out into the road to
avoid deep puddles or garbage cans. Cars and school buses, if they are
paying attention, stop to avoid hitting them, but it is just a matter of
time before someone is seriously hurt. I know a family who lives at the
corner of Alameda de Las Pulgas and Sharon Rd. They drive their 3 children
that one block to school, because they think it's too dangerous to walk.
Unfortunately that just adds more traffic.

Hillview Middle School got sidewalks recently, and they are gorgeous and
wonderful and heavily used and thank you so much for all the hard work you
did getting them.I mean it! I am only asking for equity. There are already
sidewalks on every other road approaching La Entrada. Putting in sidewalks
along this one block of Sharon Rd, just one block, would make things so
much for safer for the dozens of children who funnel up the road every
morning to school. It would also be safer for all of those, including
senior citizens, who walk up to the Safeway shopping center in Sharon
Heights. I myself have twice tripped on the rough gravel on that section
and ended up with gravel embedded in my knee, so seeing my elderly
neighbors walk up there makes me nervous.

Please, please, please consider adding sidewalks to Sharon Rd between
Alameda and Altschul. It would greatly increase the safety of so many of
your citizens.

Thank you for consideration and for all of your hard work. I am happy to
speak with you more about this issue if you would like.

best regards,

Linda Barman
Sharon Rd resident, Las Lomitas and La Entrada parent
Received on Sun Jan 28 2018 - 11:38:08 PST

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