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Guild -- Please keep the Core business of Foreign and Indy Films

From: domainremoved <Lynne>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 14:32:13 +0100

Dear Mayor Pro Tem Mueller, Mayor Ohtaki and Councilmembers,

A number of years ago, a prior Council worked to save Kepler's bookstore
which had shut its doors unexpectedly. Council and the Community rallied
together to keep this important city landmark operating. The result is what
we see today: A viable local institution that's still a bookstore and
more! I see the result of a city, public and business/non-profit
partnership. Creative solutions work, but Kepler's core business as a
bookstore remains -- or the "rescue" might not have worked long term.

In the same way, along with new ideas, please work to keep the Guild's core
business of showing Indy and Foreign films. Much like the new Kepler's is
still a bookstore, please keep the Guild's core business of showing quality
"human drama" films. Seeing and discussing these films (in a group or just
with a friend) builds community. The films shown at the Guild give us
insight into other people, cultures and life situations. They broaden our
perspective, inspire us, lift our spirits and help us to leave feeling more
empathetic and compassionate. I've been at movies at the Guild where the
audience broke into applause at the end, due to the inspiring nature of the
film. I've discussed Guild films with others who also report that the Guild
movies allow exposure to other cultures, lifestyles or situations. We sit
in the dark, watch a film, and leave more empathetic and tolerant people.
After discussing the films, we also are more of a community -- including
with those who come from other cities to see movies at the Guild.

Thank you Mayor Pro Tem Mulller for working to line up support to save the
Guild. When I learned it was in trouble, via Judy Adams and her Save the
Guild petition I wanted to help. In parallel, as an extension of my Library
Commission interest in helping the library increase it's programming for
adults, I conducted a survey as to what respondents would most like the
library to implement! The idea of a film discussion group -- centered
around movies playing at the Guild -- was (by far) the number #1 priority.
Since June 2017, the Film Discussion group started (which focuses on
discussing the current movie at the Guild) and participation steadily has
grown. The group is a collaborative one with people such as Judy Adams,
stepping in to be a discussion facilitator when I cannot be there.

I also value the Guild building because it's one of the oldest buildings in
Menlo Park. The Guild adds to our unique "Main Street" feeling and overall
charm of Menlo Park.

So, while I am all in favor of changes that would make the Guild even more
viable and important in Menlo Park -- please find a way to keep the current
business of showing foreign and Indy films intact. I would be pleased to
contribute to a subscription or yearly fee and give my services as a
volunteer to help in whatever would be most needed.Whatever it would take,
I would contribute financially and practically to help the effort!


Lynne Bramlett
Received on Sun Jan 28 2018 - 05:35:27 PST

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