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City Council Goal Setting Meeting

From: domainremoved <Isis>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2018 13:03:25 -0800

Dear Council Members,

First off, I would like to thank Mayor Ohtaki for attending the meeting
that was held at Onetta Harris on Friday 1/26/18 with Assemblymember
Marc Berman, it is much appreciated!

I will not be able to attend the Goal Setting Meeting that will be held
on Monday and would like to make sure that you continue to keep the
Belle Haven community in your future plans.

As stated at the meeting on Friday, we want you to continue to keep
transportation calming an transportation at the forefront of your
planning.  I would like to state that I have attended numerous meetings
and we the residents have asked that the City help us with the traffic
congestion.  I have specifically  pointed out that I would like for the
City to work with Facebook to remove the doubledecker buses from Chilco,
I've asked to have the buses re-routed so that the passenger pick-ups
are moved to the Bayshore Rd entrance  located between Chilco and
Willow, (Parking Garage Entrance).  Making this simple change would
prevent the dozens of buses coming in and out of our backyards.  When it
takes 40mins to get from Marsh Rd to my house the quality of life is
greatly diminished, the feeling of being trapped in your own
neighborhood is very stressful, making a trip to the doctor or grocery
store a nightmare thinking of being stuck in traffic to get back home. 
Mayor Ohtaki noted that the new police presence and new No Right Turns
onto Willow in the Willow's neighborhood has helped.  I ask why you
haven't done the same for the Belle Haven community?

We have also been asking for many years that the Belle Haven community
have Menlo Park District schools instead of the Ravenswood  District
schools.  I am a tax payer and should have the same resources available,
my children should have the same opportunities to a better education. 
If you are not able to provide Menlo Park District schools, I ask that
you at the very least give us the opportunity to enroll our children at
any one of the Menlo Park district schools, and I don't mean the Tinsley
Program, it would be fair that as a Belle Haven resident I have the
option of enrolling my children to any of the schools without having to
sign up through the Tinsley program.

Lastly, I strongly request that the City give the Belle Haven community
a new Library.  As mentioned before, leaving and coming back to my home
is a daily nightmare, having the same quality resources as my fellow
West -side Menlo Park residents would greatly improve the the quality of
life for Belle Haven residents.  And frankly it is way over due, we have
been overlooked for too many years.

Again, thank you for your time and for taking my concerns in consideration.

Thank you,

Isis Contreras
Received on Sat Jan 27 2018 - 13:06:39 PST

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