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"Safer crossing at Middlefield and Santa Monica/Linfield!

From: domainremoved <Soni>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2018 16:42:57 -0800



          Meeting Tonight (1/23) - Email Now! CALL TO ACTION: Email City
          Council NOW for Safer Crossing at Middlefield and Santa
          Monica/Linfield <https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=74993803>


"Safer crossing at Middlefield and Santa Monica/Linfield! Within the
next week the City Council will be formulating its 2018 Work Plan. For a
project to even stand a chance of getting attention, it must be in the
Work Plan."


To City of Menlo Park.

As I missed this meeting I wanted to send this email to the City.

Over 2 years ago my husband was struck by a car at the above pedestrian
intersection. He was riding his bike. It occurred at approx. 10:30
Monday morning July 20, 2015. He was struck by a mini van. He had a head
injury with blood on his brain. Thankfully he was wearing his helmet.
Which absolutely saved his life. We live only 1/2 mile from this
intersection and cross it as pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers.

So not only are children in danger at this intersection, but so are
adults. We both have been riding bikes most of our lives.

This intersection is deceiving. It has a button and lights on the road
and the markers for warning drivers that this is a pedestrian
intersection. But because of the speed people drive, and since there are
2 lanes in each direction, sometimes one lane will stop but the other
won't. Many people DO NOT slow down. Or if I watch carefully as I cross,
they often do not slow down or take notice that this intersection has
pedestrians and bicyclists using it.

After my husband David Lehmann was injured I went to the Fire station
right there and spoke to some firemen who came to his aid. I asked them
what they saw. They saw nothing, but reacted after it happened. What
they did say was they would never bicycle on Middlefield Rd. That it was
a dangerous intersection, period!

I truly hope for a resolution and new design at this spot. I am not sure
what that design would look like but would be more than glad to speak to
those involved in this process. As would David.
Thank you, Soni Bergman
Gilbert Ave.
Received on Thu Jan 25 2018 - 16:46:14 PST

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