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Safe Routes to School

From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 13:25:58 -0800

Dear City Council Members,

Thank you for all of your thoughtful work for and dedication to the City of Menlo Park. Your public service is greatly appreciated.

On Tuesday night you will be discussing the priorities to be included in the 2018 Council Work Plan in anticipation of your goal setting meeting to be held on January 29th. Once year ago you included the Willows Neighborhood Complete Streets Study (which includes the laurel Safe Routes to School Study) and the initiation of a Citywide Safe Routes to School Program in your 2017 goals. Thank you again. It has made a signification positive impact on my children who bike to Upper Laurel and Hillview Schools and back daily but to us parents who bike to the campuses when we volunteer or for parent meetings and for all of us who bike in and around Menlo Park.

I would encourage you to continue to focus on and prioritize Safe Routes including the Middlefield Road and Linfield Drive Crosswalk Improvements. Especially as the Menlo Park Fire Districts has generously offered to fund 50% of this project.

Thank again for your time and dedication.

I encourage you to continue to include safe biking and walking routes in mind as decisions are made to the ever evolving City.


Janet Bernadicou
470 Arlington Way
Menlo Park
Received on Mon Jan 22 2018 - 13:31:10 PST

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