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2018 workplan: Please include the HAWK beacon (Middlefield/Linfield crossing project)

From: domainremoved <Rachel>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 13:18:03 -0800

City Council Members,

As a parent of two school-age children (ages 9 and 10), and a resident of
the South of Seminary neighborhood of Menlo Park, I'm writing to request
that you include adding a double HAWK beacon in front of the fire
station on Middlefield to this year's workplan for Menlo Park. This traffic
device would have a huge community benefit in that it would provide a
much-needed safe crossing of Middlefield for pedestrians and cyclists.

My family loves to bike, but honestly we do not do it as much as we should.
One reason we reconsider is due to safety concerns. Currently, my family
has no safe way to ride a bike to Burgess (let alone the train station or
downtown). If we exit Vintage Oaks at Seminary and turn right on
Middlefield, we have to ride on Middlefield with cars zooming past us and
only a thin white line for protection. We then have to contend with the
extremely dangerous Ringwood/Middlefield/Ravenswood triangle.
Alternatively, we have 3 dangerous choices. 1. We can cycle to Willow via
Nash, and then contend with the huge volume and speed of cars on Willow
until we cross Middlefield. 2. We can make a left turn onto Middlefield,
and then ride on the wrong side of the road until we get to Willow, so we
can cross Middlefield there (many dangerous issues with that option). 3. We
can make a right turn onto Middlefield from Santa Monica, and either pedal
very quickly to make the left turn onto Linfield or ride to the lighted
cross walk and then walk our bike across the street.

We generally use the third option but unfortunately, we do not feel very
safe with that crosswalk given the speed of cars and the number of lanes.
We are never completely sure that the cars are going to stop, so it is a
stressful cross with our 2 boys (or even if we don't have the boys with

A double HAWK beacon would be much appreciated by my family, and many like
ours. Thinking longer term, when my kids are old enough to attend Hillview,
having a safe crossing at Middlefield will be a huge factor in my decision
to allow my children to ride their bikes to school. When kids ride their
bikes to school, it improves their health, allows them to arrive at school
ready to learn, reduces stress and provides a multitude of other community

Please do include this important project on this year's workplan, and make
it a priority for our city.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rachel Rosner
Menlo Park, South of Seminary Resident
Received on Mon Jan 22 2018 - 13:21:44 PST

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