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Sidewalk repair issues

From: domainremoved <Karen>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2018 16:24:55 -0800

On January 11, 2018 I was walking down Menlo Oaks Avenue in Menlo Park and noticed several dangerous sidewalk issues. On January 12, I emailed the Public Works department describing the issues I found and asked when they would be addressed. Almost immediately that day I received an email back from Irvin Meachum who acknowledged the condition of the sidewalks on that particular street and that they were in his sidewalk replacement program now (but not all the problems I found today). However, he does not have the funding and when he requests additional funding, he does not receive it. I then emailed him back asking if there was anything I could do to intervene for him. He emailed his phone number and I was able to speak to him in person today, January 16. I took notes and what I heard from him was very revealing. I will list his responses as best as I can :

1. He has 89 locations of sidewalk repair as of today and will be able to complete 44 of those as of June 30. And that does not count more complaints that will come in between now and June 30.
2. The other needed repairs that are marked and in progress will take another 2-4 years down the line to get done.
3. He now has a budget of $300,000 for sidewalks and $100,000 for saw cut- a total of $400,000.
4. He needs a minimum of $500,000 to make repairs which he has requested. His request has not been approved.
5. So far he has received 40 call ins (such as mine) and he himself has located 20 more sidewalk issues- 60 in all just from last July 1.
6. Temporary patches last at most 6 months and then have to be redone.
By the way, all his comments are a matter of public information.

Now, my take on this issue.

Irvin is a very conscientious city employee who has done his best with the budget with which he has to work. But he needs more and has requested more- to no avail.

All on the city council reside in the city of Menlo Park. If these sidewalk issues were on your street or in your neighborhood, would you not be concerned for the safety of senior citizens, children riding bikes or scooters , people in wheelchairs- or, for that matter, anyone walking down sidewalks? I think you would.

Does it make sense to do temporary patches that have to be redone within 6 months?

About 15 years ago (could be longer) we were told by the city that we MUST replace our sidewalk in front of our at our expense and they were not at all dangerous. We did just that. Has the need for repair work changed in the years since and at the whim of the rules of the city at the time? We replaced ours at our cost- the city must now replace sidewalks at the city cost if that is the rule in place today.

And can you take into account the lawsuit against the city if someone trips on these sidewalks and is injured? If something is not done soon, I will take my message to the city attorney. This is a SAFETY ISSUE.

If the city wants trees to beautify the city, fine- plant all the trees you want. BUT, if those trees and their roots cause problems , then fix the problems.

Irvin wants to do all he can to make the sidewalks safe places to walk, but at the moment he can’t. Please do all you can to make that possible.

I hope to hear from any one or all of you. I will not let this rest.

I took about 26 pictures of the 26 issues on Menlo Oaks but I cannot attach them because the file will be too large. If any of you want to see them, I will deliver them personally.

Karen Busch
419 Bay Rd
Menlo Park

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