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loading zone concern

From: domainremoved <Dan>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 13:25:51 -0800

Hello- I am writing in concern for the proposed loading zone movement on
Evelyn to Menlo Avenue as a result of the new development on the corner. I
live across the street from Dreagers on University Drive and firmly believe
the intersection of Menlo and University is a tricky and dangerous place
for bicyclists and pedestrians. Adding additional trucks/semis to the
westbound lanes of Menlo for the convenience of Dreagers loading is not in
the public safety interest, especially in conjunction with the proposed

My observation on living here for 12+ years is that the Dreagers owned
parking lot on that corner is significantly underutilized by its clients
and often nearly empty since people prefer to use the city lot. I would
suggest the city look into measures to make Dreagers use their own private
lot for their loading/unloading of trucks that can’t be accommodated by the
already very generous ability to use the city lot to load/unload during
specified hours (hours in which they abuse all the time)


Complete Streets Commission Meeting Date: Staff Report Number: Regular
Business: 1/10/2018 18-001-CSC

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Dan Skehan
Account Director

650 814 0697
personify.us <http://www.personify.us/>

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Received on Wed Jan 10 2018 - 13:29:27 PST

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