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From: domainremoved <Nikki>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 10:04:30 -0800

Dear Council Members,

 It recently came to my attention that the Menlo Park Library is looking to
expand. It is also with complete surprise that I learned that one of the
potential expansion sites is on the location where the current Menlo
Children Center and After School Program are located.

I am extremely disappointed that no one has reached out to us, parents, to
alert us to a potential displacement. *I would like to stress how
disruptive this would be for the children and for the working parents who
use this facility*. I very much oppose a one-sided decision by either
library commission or city council without reaching out to the people who
will be mostly affected by such a move.

I would like to understand ASAP any potential impact that the expansion of
the library might have on the Menlo Children’s Center and After School
program. My hope is that this question gets addressed in a public format
very soon.


Steve & Nicole Miskowicz
Received on Wed Jan 10 2018 - 10:08:08 PST

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