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Hiring Washington Lobbyist

From: Don Barnby <"Don>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2018 16:11:23 -0800


Open letter to Menlo Park City Council


A recent comic strip showing a mouse-trap salesman dumping mice into
the window of a house, then going to the door to sell mouse traps.
That's what Menlo Park City Council is doing. They approved high-rise
residence building along El Camino, and business development at
Bohannon park and Facebook that are guaranteed to cause gridlock, and
now under guidance of Kirstin Keith are suggesting the City spend
taxpayer's dollars with a right-wing lobbyist with contacts to Trump
to get federal money to fix these self-created problems.


By promoting overbuilding and now more construction which we can't
afford the Council is maintaining the endless construction cycle that
is a joy to the developers and degrades our city.


The Council's job is to maintain a balanced community that is a
pleasure to live and drive in, not to spread taxpayers' dollars around
to curry political favor with Developers and Washington.


Don Barnby



Received on Sun Jan 07 2018 - 16:14:59 PST

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