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Fw: 931 Marsh storm drain/sidewalk

From: domainremoved <Irfan>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2017 23:03:55 +0000 (UTC)

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   ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: Irfan Balkhi <ibalkhi_at_(domainremoved)
 Hi,I am the current owner at 931 Marsh Rd. The storm drain and sidewalk/driveway in front of our house is not in good shape. I contacted a few contractors to get an idea on the cost and paper work needed to fix the driveway.  None of them are willing to work on it. The main concern is that the storm drain cover seems like it will fall anytime, it causes a dip in front of the driveway, and the re-bar is exposed. They don't want to be working on the road. One of them (who came from the most reputable company I found) told me that the city is breaking a number of laws (he wrote them down for me). He wanted me to sue the city. I don't think things should be done like that but he had valid points and examples.
Generally speaking I do see it as a dangerous spot, I am not sure why it was left like this. I have been here since 2014 and it was in the same state when I first moved here. It has caused damage to our cars and also some friends cars. There is some foot/bike/stroller traffic here and I have seen them struggle. It becomes more dangerous in rainy season. Also, the drain performs poorly since it's almost always clogged (no clean out). 
Can the city fix the drain cover and exposed re-bar? 


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Received on Fri Dec 22 2017 - 15:08:05 PST

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