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Andrew Jimenez

From: domainremoved <Robert>
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 10:58:08 -0800

Mr Ramsden once again I am emailing you regarding the behavior of your
managers. Once again I am emailing regarding the abuse behavior, and abuse
of Andrew Jimenez its clear to me that your organization is officially
about retaliation! Allied Universal. Because I have been an advocate for
the better treatment of officers, because of my lawsuit against Allied
Universal, because I am a representative of the Union the Seiu for which
your entire organization is fully aware. Your management team at facebook
has been taking shots at me and other officers who are affiliated with me.
I have been asking Allied Universal and Facebook for Almost three years to
clean up the behavior of Security management to know avail. The treatment,
behavior and objectives to discipline and or fire myself and those I defend
and or who are affiliated with me continues. On Friday December 15th.
Your supervisor Peter Engdahl decided to switch Lead units to a different
zone. This comes after he was well aware that I do not want Andrew Jimenez
and Ronald Wilfong around me because of there agressive nature towards me
for which I have sent and email prior to this one. As well as the way they
treat my fellow co worker and have ambitions of setting up and catching
them in a rule violation so they can discipline them. At 2:35pm on Friday
12/15/17 The 42 roll up officer needed a Sam unit because of some
construction in the back of the warehouse. I called Sam 4 Demondre Grice &
3 Amanda Jeanette to the situation because Mr Jimenez was assigned to my
zone. After calling Sam 3 to come see the situation and Sam 3 confirming
on the radio. Mr Jimenez gets on the radio and says in route. I replied
by telling him negative traffic was for Sam 3. He then gets back on the
radio and Starts Yelling at me Sam 2 in Route!


(a) All persons within the jurisdiction of this state have the right to be
free from any violence, or intimidation by threat of violence, committed
against their persons or property because of political affiliation, or on
account of any characteristic listed or defined in subdivision (b) or (e)
of Section 51, or position in a labor dispute, or* because another person
perceives them to have one or more of those characteristics. *

Mr Ramsden this incident is one of several violent and intimidating
outbursts by Mr Jimenez. He has had incidents with Gary Mitchell, Bobby
Caldwell, Alma Martinez, Alva Aerrola.

Allied Universal allowed Sam Stylez to intimidate women and other officers
and almost physically attack a female lead. Now he is making physical
threats to Janette Ramirez through employed leads as a non employed. Will
this be the same for Mr Jimenez???


 An employer, or any person acting on behalf of the employer, shall not
retaliate against an employee for refusing to participate in an activity
that would result in a violation of state or federal statute, or a
violation of or noncompliance with a local, state, or federal rule or

Your company has violated state law making officers stand for 8 hours and
now you constantly retaliate against myself and or officers I defend and
are affiliated with me.


b) *Any individual whose exercise or enjoyment of rights secured by the
Constitution or laws of the United States, or of rights secured by the
Constitution or laws of this state, has been interfered with, or attempted
to be interfered with, as described in subdivision (a), may institute and
prosecute in his or her own name and on his or her own behalf a civil
action for damages, including, but not limited to, damages under Section
52, injunctive relief, and other appropriate equitable relief to protect
the peaceable exercise or enjoyment of the right or rights secured,
including appropriate equitable and declaratory relief to eliminate a
pattern or practice of conduct as described in subdivision (a).*

Robert Taitt
Received on Sun Dec 17 2017 - 11:02:12 PST

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