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From: domainremoved <Chelsea>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 10:18:25 -0800

Dear Menlo Park City Council,

              I would like to invite you to organize a lecture on the Law
of the Material Realm here in Menlo Park, and allow this city to receive
the honor of making history. The introduction of this fact-checking
technology will produce great advances in the fields of medicine and
science, as well as greatly reduce crime. With the applications of this
technology in the future, it will be possible to create a cure for cancer,
Alzheimer's Disease, and many other illnesses.

Repeating my abbreviated explanation on how this technology works, the
human body has an awareness of everything on this plane of existence,
simply because it is the physical body’s job to know the facts of material
existence, in order to navigate through time and space, the human body must
know its surroundings. The human DNA is a library of recording all events
that take place within the human race to further the adaptation and
evolution of our species.

Child Protective Services can use this technology in order to prioritize
reports of abused and neglected children, as only about 10% of reports are
investigated due to lack of evidence. An employee of Child Protective
Services can simply go through the list of reports made to the office, and
use muscle-testing on a lie-detector for a preliminary screen as to whether
or not the statutes of law were broken for felony child molestation or
assault and battery upon the children; these cases can then be prioritized
as urgent for investigation.

This technology of muscle-testing on a lie-detector can also be used to
identify unknown violent sex offenders corresponding to untested rape kits;
the social security numbers of the unknown offenders can be gained, as well
as their current whereabouts. This way, serial rapists can be caught and
brought to justice, making neighborhoods safer for the people of this

I have submitted a full explanation of how this technology can be used to
locate missing persons to the California Attorney General's Office.

I am available for hire to explain how this technology works through the
lecture on the Law of the Material Realm, although I will not give a
demonstration unless it is in the presence of a law enforcement officer.
Please see my website at www.catalysthealingarts.net for more information
on the lectures available. None of the lectures include any information
about interference to the original design of the human race based on
environmental impact of non-indigenous materials; some topics are best left

Respectfully yours,

Chelsea Wright
Received on Sat Dec 16 2017 - 10:22:27 PST

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