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12/5 meeting agenda - item H1

From: domainremoved <Peter>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 16:29:36 -0800

I reside at 150 Baywood Avenue, in the Willows.

I am concerned about the accepted proposal to place a sign at Baywood
and Woodland Avenues to prevent left turns from Woodland to Baywood, 3-7
PM weekdays. This restriction will greatly affect the ability of
residents in this Willows neighborhood (Baywood, Clover, Blackburn,
McKendry, Robin, Marmona, and perhaps parts of Gilbert) to enter the
neighborhood, and the ability of services vehicles to enter the
neighborhood. This is will be further exacerbated if left turns from
Woodland onto Blackburn are restricted.

Restricting left turns from Woodland to Baywood may be unnecessary under
this agenda item if the "no right turn" signs at O'Keefe, Chester, and
Durham are effective. If cars are prevented to cut through these
streets, they will not take Baywood-Marmona-Gilbert-Menalto- etc. So,
again, under this particular agenda item, restricting access to Baywood
seems ultimately unnecessary.

Of course, cut through traffic may go the routes:
Baywood-Blackburn-Willow, or Baywood-Marmona-Gilbert-Willow. Perhaps
these issues can be solved by restricting turns from Blackburn and from
Gilbert onto Willow. These issues will be addressed further in the
upcoming Complete Streets Commission meeting, Dec. 19.

My interest is to allow continued, open access to residents of Baywood
and nearby streets from Middlefield (both from the Palo Alto direction
and from the Menlo Park direction). It seems to me that under the
present circumstances - during commute hours, entry into this part of
the Willows from Middlefield is easiest from Baywood, or perhaps
Blackburn. And perhaps during the peak commute hours (3-7), egress from
the neighborhood may be easiest via Baywood, if one is not intending to
get on Willow Road north bound.

Right now, I am not sure of the thoughts of most others on Baywood or
the streets nearby. This agenda item was a bit of surprise to me, so I
have not had time to talk with many others. I plan to attend the early
January City Council Meeting. I understand this issue may be on the
agenda then. And, I will, of course, addend the Complete Streets
Commission upcoming meeting (12/19) that is addressing traffic problems
in my part of the Willows.

As I understand from city staff, signs for restricting turns on Baywood
from Woodland could be installed by early next week. I hope that during
next few weeks, observations about and changes in traffic will reflect
the different and separate results of the various new signage and
restrictions, so that we will know what is most effective and necessary,
and what is not necessary.

Thanks for you consideration on this.


Peter Whidden
Rare Books Specialist
Special Collections & University Archives
Stanford University
691 Pampas Lane
Stanford, CA 94305-7206
(650) 723-7350
Received on Mon Dec 11 2017 - 16:33:47 PST

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