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Post 2017 Resident Satisfaction Survey (email redo)

From: domainremoved <Lynne>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 10:58:12 -0800

Hello Peter, Clay and Meghan,

My prior email to you included corrupted content, although it looked fine
before I sent it. So, I write you again.

On Dec 2 and 3, I wrote you to ask that you post the entire 2017 Resident
Satisfaction Survey currently being conducted by Godbe Research. While you
include a blurb about the survey <https://menlopark.org/Blog.aspx?IID=919>,
you don't include a link to the complete survey.

The public has a right to see the survey. Multiple residents have written
Council, and posted to Next Door and other forums with their concerns about
the survey, which makes posting the entire survey even more relevant. Let
us see the questions and decide for ourselves if the survey appears biased
towards collecting data to support the City's position on one or more
topics -- or if the survey appears to be an accurate and impartial
collection of public opinion related to city services and directions.

As taxpayers pay for the survey, please also post the costs of conducing
this survey.

The bi-yearly survey represents an opportunity to involve the public in a
meaningful way towards what should be our shared goals. Sharing the survey
would increase transparency, accountability and a sense of teamwork with
the residents. Thus, I would first share the draft survey with all City
Commissions and collect their input. After revising based on commissioner
input, I would then allow a period of public input before the collection of
data begins. I am not suggesting a "rubber-stamping" only process. For
future surveys,I would like to see the city collect and incorporate
meaningful public input into the survey questions BEFORE the survey
commences. For the record, the Library Commission was not told about the
survey, and given a chance to review the questions, as part of a formal
agenda topic. I only learned about the survey, in a very general way,
during a November library strategic plan (one year later) update meeting to
which I was the only Commissioner invited. There, I learned generally that
the survey was about to begin and that it included four library-related
questions, of which at least some pertained to matters relating to new
library buildings in Menlo Park. However, the selected participants at this
strategic plan update meeting were not given the exact library-related
questions and their sequence in the survey. We also did not learn about any
other questions (or focus areas) in the survey.

I realize that you all must be busy or I assume that I would have heard
back in response to my earlier emails. As the topic is a timely one, I am
writing again but in a more public way.


 Lynne Bramlett, lynne.e.bramlett_at_(domainremoved)
Received on Mon Dec 11 2017 - 11:02:19 PST

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