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Willows traffic nightmare

From: domainremoved <Louise>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2017 11:48:39 -0800


I live on Menalto Ave in the Willows. Traffic on my street as a cut through for commuters has been unpleasant for years. However, ever since the roadwork on Willow at 101, traffic in the whole neighborhood has become a disaster. Several times, I’ve been waiting in a line 50 cars long to get to a light or make a turn. It’s awful. Also, these commuters are frustrated by how long it all takes and occasionally make very aggressive maneuvers. My six and seven year olds like to bike or scooter with me in the neighborhood. Not anytime between 4-6 pm now! It’s too darn dangerous!

This affects all our quality of life. I don’t know if you are able to block turns into our neighborhood during from 4-7 like Everett and Hawthorne in PA have at Alma and at Middlefield. Maybe that’s what we need.

Maybe Willow needs to be widened. Use imminent domain. I’m sorry for those whose houses are there, but I bet 5 feet on either side and taking out those silly planters would allow two lanes on the northbound/eastbound side (going Middlefield to 101). Traffic is not as bad in the morning: maybe commute times are more staggered. In any case, it’s the afternoon that is so miserable.

And for all things holy sake — please DO NOT allow new construction at 40 Middlefield!!! Our neighborhood in in a tenuous situation already! How can you even consider making it worse? That space is too small and seems substandard anyway. The owners of our dear Willow Market are concerned. Please please do not allow development of that site.

Louise Selchau-Hansen
Received on Thu Dec 07 2017 - 11:52:52 PST

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