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Willows Traffic Options

From: domainremoved <Thomas>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 22:15:20 +0000 (UTC)

 Dear City Council Members: I appreciate the efforts Council is taking to mitigate traffic in the Willows as a result of the interchange project.  I am writing to address the no right turn restrictions proposed for Chester, Durham and O’Keefestreets proposed in the Staff Report.  I am a resident of Durham Streetand I am extremely concerned that simply restricting right turns on red lights atDurham will increase the gridlock on ourstreet during commute hours.  I would askthat the Council consider restricting all right turns from O’Keefe, Durham andChester to Willow on weekdays from 3-7 pm for the following reasons: 
   - If all lower Willows neighborhood outlets to Willow Road are closed, cut through traffic will be discouraged from using the upper Willows and crossing Menalto to access Willow Road because there is no outlet.
   - If only O’Keefe and Chester are closed to right turns, drivers will still use Durham to reach Willow and will likely use Chester, O’Keefe and Arnold to access Durham in the last block before Willow.  In other words, the gridlock will continue. 
   - If traffic somehow “improves” on Durham, Waze and other traffic apps will recognize that it is flowing more and will re-direct drivers to the lower Willows to use Durham. 
   - The Staff Report does not explain why or how restricting right turns on red at Durham would reduce the cut through traffic on Durham. 
 Please consider adopting an option that would close all threeof the lower Willows streets (O’Keefe, Durham and Chester) to right turns atWillow from 3-7pm weekdays.  To the extent these changes divert traffic to Gilbert, Council could also impose a similarly temporary turn restriction at that intersection. 

I understandthere are objections from those in the neighborhood that want to be able toaccess Willow to travel on 101 in the evenings. There are other options.  In my personal experience, we travel to SouthPalo Alto near Mountain View twice weekly in the evening on Alma in roughly 20 minutes.  Similarly,I know of others who use Embarcadero to reach 101 South in the evenings in 10-15minutes.  With the current traffic, itcan take 30-45 minutes to reach 101 from the light at Durham Street duringcommute hours.   Sincerely, Thomas Burg 
Received on Mon Dec 04 2017 - 14:19:59 PST

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